I don’t expect you to admit you were wrong, I just wanna know how you’ve been.

I have only been without computer for a week now, but I started school about a week after my last actual post. Which really wasn’t a good post, at all. It is 2:46 am in Florida right now and I am going to blog. I called in sick today, and I really was/am, and got some much needed rest. So of course, here I am, wide awake at this hour. Let me just start off by saying that since I have started taking English Composition, I have a lot of trouble writing. All of the grammar rules make me feel like I know nothing. Speaking of…

Two weeks ago I turned in my first essay. It was a personal narrative essay that we had to write about a life changing experience. I wrote about Maya giving birth to Jacob. I wrote about this event because it completely changed my view on birth. I am now borderline natural birth advocate. I got my essay back last week. The way this class works is we turn in two essays, each a week apart. Our professor notes any corrections or suggestions, but does not grade the essays. Then we have one week to revise one essay of our choice and turn that in for a grade. Each (graded) essay is worth like 200 points. I got my first essay back last week. Aside from a couple punctuation errors and comma splices and the misuse of the word ‘aide’ I had all positive feed back. Last week I turned in an exemplification essay. We had to write about a belief that we once held and how we were proved wrong or a myth that many other people believe. I wrote about a belief that I once held. I used to think that Harry Potter was for children. WELL tonight I found out that I probably didn’t pick the best topic and I pretty much did the essay wrong. Needless to say, I will be turning in my narrative essay for credit. HOWEVER- My professor, who is by far my favorite instructor, gave me a compliment. Now, I don’t think I am all that pretty, nor do I have very many talents. I don’t believe one would compliment me on my reading skills or my ability to watch 6 straight hours of TV, but I do love to write. When he told me that I write very well my face just about exploded with joy. I mean, he’s one of the deans of liberal arts, his opinion has to count, like, a lot, right? It’s like someone telling you that you are really funny. I find that to be a wonderful compliment, cause you can’t fake that shit. You can’t PRETEND to be funny. So my essay was a little screwed up, but the content was really good. Oh AND I am the only one in the class that got a perfect score on the subject verb agreement quiz last week. I’ll be happy to never have to deal with that again. I fully intend on taking literature next semester. I am over composition. If I didn’t think poetry was a waste of letters I might take a creative writing class, but I know they LOVE haiku’s and stuff in those classes. I am really proving my writing skills right now, aren’t I?

I would go into my other classes, but I’ll end up on a tangent. Who wants to read that? Nope, didn’t think so. Here is some visual stimulation.

I bought these shoes. I was very apprehensive because I didn’t want to look like a pirate. I wanted higher boots, but I have MCS (man-calf syndrome) and none of them would go more than half way up my leg. I’ve decided they are a bit more cowboy-ish than pirate-ish. I got them from DSW and haven’t seen them on the Steve Madden site. So I think you may only be able to get them there. They were $49.95.  You can click on the image to go to the DSW website.


I went to Sephora in search of a new eyeliner. With fall almost here and winter not far behind I won’t have to worry (too much) about my liquid eyeliner melting off of my face. Not even the worlds best primer can completely withstand Florida’s humidity! I wanted a softer color, my coloring is too fair for black black. I was looking for something in grey or dark brown in the Sephora brand. 1) Sephora brand products are much more inexpensive (NOT cheap, they are of good quality) and 2) They have quite a wide variety as far as color goes. I ended up finding the Sephora Long Lasting Metallic Eyeliner in Dark Grey. It wasn’t all that metallic, so it doesn’t look like I used a gel pen or something to put on my makeup, and it is much softer than black. It was only $10. Also, the applicator is super user friendly.

I also found this little gem. Stila Made In Your Shade Foundation Wardrobe. It is a nice collection of foundations by Stila, ranging from illuminated tinted moisturizer to a natural finish oil free foundation. It includes a moisturizing primer and a “convertible color” compact. The convertible color is a pink cream that doubles as cheek and lip color. I use Bare Minerals almost everyday, but sometimes I like a little more coverage. I am intimidated by liquid foundation, though. I think this set is great because there is no real commitment. There are four foundations to choose from and each tiny tube offers quite a bit of use so you really have the opportunity to compare each one. I haven’t tried them all, but so far the illuminated tinted foundation is a little light, I like to wear it under my Bare Minerals if I want more coverage. The GOOD thing about it being so light is that I CAN wear it with my Bare Minerals, get more coverage, but not feel like my makeup is caked on. The oil free natural finish foundation seems to offer the most coverage, but I still feel the need to put a loose powder on afterward. It, too, felt very light on my skin, but did take care of the redness and dark circles. I would recommend an additional concealer for any blemishes. The primer is kind of so-so. It didn’t melt off of my face like the Bare Minerals Prime Time or the Smashox Photo Op, but it didn’t seem to give a real stick like my Laura Geller Spackle. Still, I’ve only used it twice. Now the convertible color. I LOVE this stuff. Though, I bought the “Light” color kit, so I don’t know about the other packages and colors, but I do NOT like this on my lips. It is a pale pink, which looks weird on me. I know some people love that kind of pale Barbie-ish pink. And I am not knocking them, it just doesn’t look good on me. But I love it as a cream blush. Awesome stuff. Best part? Only $18. See? No commitment at all.

I also picked up some more DiorShow Iconic mascara. Steep at $27, but oh-so-worth-it. Some of the reviews say it is clumpy. I bought this for my sister-in-law’s birthday. A couple weeks after she saw it on me she wanted it. She said it was clumpy at first but it just took her a while to work with it. She loves it now.

One of my favorite recent purchases is the Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother. I actually bought two. They were about $6 at Target or Wal-Mart. My lips get REALLY chapped when the weather changes and most lip stuff just sits on top of the dry skin. This stuff TASTES great, has a nice shine without being super sticky, stays on your lips longer, has a SLIGHT cooling sensation (not like super minty or lip plumper tingle) AND *ta-da* it MOISTURIZES! Love it.

Oh, it is almost 4 am. Let’s wrap this up. New favorite purse. Mine is actually in peach, but this is the only color they show on the website. It was on sale for $40 at Urban Outfitters. It’s super soft, very roomy and there are some pockets inside for organizing. Any of the faux leather material from the Deux Lux line feels so nice and it really lasts.


I bought a new comforter set for our bedroom. I needed something a bit warmer (*for winter*), really comfy (*for cuddles*), durable (*for the dog*), and something that matched because I didn’t want to deal with replacing the curtains. I found this set at Home Goods. I’d been looking at it for several months but always talked myself out of it because it was like $80 and I can’t bring myself to spend that much on a BLANKET. But when I went in the other day it was on clearance. FOR $50! Also (this was a sign) they only had a twin and a full. I took a chance and bought the full. If they had a queen, I would have bought the queen, and it would have been too big. Our bed is really low to the ground so the full was PERFECT! I couldn’t find it online, but here is a picture. It’s from some brand called paul&leroy.

And last, but certainly not least. All American Eagle sunglasses are on sale for like $7. I go through sunglasses like toilet paper so I never spend more than $20 on a pair. I take really good care of them for a couple months, but then something tragic always happens and they end up scratched or broken. It’s a curse. I popped into American Eagle just to browse and I couldn’t believe that they were so inexpensive. The website has some listed at $10, but in the store they had more selections and they were ALL $6.95. Even the men’s. I bought two pairs. Couldn’t pass up such a good deal. In fact, online this pair is listed at $10, but I got them in the store for $7.

I linked all photos to their respective websites.

I would like to go to Africa. Jessica Goza has joined the peace corps and leave for Guinea in November/December. I firmly believe that if she could have visited me in Iraq she would have, so I would like to visit her in Africa. Because I can. However it will cost me about $2,000. So any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Haha, I am just kidding. But I really plan on going to Africa. I am very excited. What is the weather like in Guinea. Maybe I should be asking about the political and social climates, instead. Right?


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  1. Tana replied:

    You should definitely be worried about the social and political climates 🙂 Great post! Now you’ve made me late for school! Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Crystal replied:

    I was reading the beginning, and was kinda taken aback. I’m still amazed you don’t find yourself pretty, you are the one person I know who can do some funky trend and make it look flawless! your writing, I’ve always been jealous of your English skills. You are a talented writer and I do hope you do something with it one day, past blogging. (not trying to knock it) And while reading about all the products you wrote about made me feel like I was reading a magazine review. I have been looking at the neutrogena gloss for a while and could never justify a purchase. Thank you for the reviews!

    • imurswingsetgurl replied:

      i love you crystal!

  3. Jessica replied:

    FIRST, you are a great writer. which is why i follow your blog now and have followed your blogs since the first one ever. i’m so happy your professor TOLD that to you though. i imagine it might mean a lot. 🙂

    SECOND, your product reviews are great. informative, cost sensitive and practical while still acknowledging that much of shopping is for fun.

    THIRD, the political climate in guinea is terrible right now. NYT had a front page article about how Sec of State Clinton was publicly condemning (rare of Sec of State) the actions of the military there. anyway, peace corps might not send people there until things get better but we all know how military coups go…never any good. so keep your fingers crossed for me, yeah? of course, you can still visit me no matter where i end up! please don’t let robby knock you up till then, ‘kay???? I’LL NEED VISITORS!!! 🙂 also, i totally suggested iraq for a family vacay one year but my mom said no.

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