What can’t be cured must be endured.

I don’t even know what to write. I OBVIOUSLY have a list of things to choose from but right now I am pretty upset about one thing in particular. 

On Tuesday I started getting this weird, sharp pain in my shoulder every time I would inhale. Have you ever had that weird kind of sharp pain in your chest when you breathe? And then it goes away after a few seconds? Like that, but in my right shoulder. The pain was sharp on the top of my shoulder, near my clavicle, then radiated kind of a pressure pain down towards my chest and up into the side of my neck and jaw. But only when I would take a deep breath. I didn’t notice it too much on Tuesday, but when I woke up on Wednesday and it happened every time I would breathe I got a little irritated. I thought it would go away, but it was still there, every breath. (I told Robby that if it were on my left side I would have thought I was having a heart attack) Then Wednesday night I got this weird shooting pain down the inside of my arm, starting near my armpit. All the way down to my middle finger. That only lasted 30 seconds or so, but it was weird. I just happened to have a doctors appointment on Thursday and since the pain was still there, and progressively getting less tolerable I decided I would mention it. However when I showed up at the VA I got a crazy woman for a doctor. She literally looked homeless. On top of that she was 30 minutes behind in her appointments, so I immediately felt rushed. I had barely spoken two words to her when she looked up at the clock. I told her my symptoms and she said (without even examining me) it sounds like gall stones. The only way to confirm is with an ultrasound. But ultrasound was closed Thursday to Monday, so I would have to wait until well into next week to even be scheduled. (I told this woman that my pain level was at an 8 and she didn’t even bother giving me a prescription for motrin. Not that it would work.)

I left seriously pissed, but what can I do? I don’t pay for my health insurance, the VA is terribly underfunded, do I have a right to complain? 

I got home, played a little guitar hero, watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Chelsea Lately (both recorded) and then decided to blog. But as I sat down with little to no distractions the pain got worse. Now here is the problem with the VA. If I need to go to a hospital I have two choices. I can go to a VA hospital (both are 2 hours away from us) or I can go to a civilian hospital and cross my fingers that the VA will cover it. (Now if I were bleeding profusely then I would obviously go to a local hospital.) I called the advice nurse and she said if I could handle the pain that I should go to Gainesville. I had handled it for 2 days so far, a 2 hour drive wasn’t unfeasible.

Once Robby got home we got ready to leave. I was in the waiting room for maybe 4 minutes. They called me into the back and put me in a bed. Chest pain is a big red flag in the ER. Within 1 minute I was topless and being hooked up to an EKG. EKG looks fine, nurses try to start a line to get some blood. Three attempts, two huge bruises and a lot OW!-ing later, they finally have success. I get hooked up to a blood pressure cuff and a pulse oximeter. My arms are sore and wrapped in coban. (At this point I was incredibly uncomfortable, should/chest pain aside. I looked at Robby and said “This is why I DON’T want a hospital birth. Labor is bad enough, this is ridiculous!) We’re waiting for a doctor. We try to watch a little Law and Order but I keep getting distracted by the hustle and bustle of the ER. Doctor comes in. Looks like he just walked out of the University of Florida housing right across the street. Does a quick physical exam. Says I need an ultrasound to confirm gall stones, ultrasound is closed until tomorrow morning. We’ll wait on blood work and add in a preggo test to make sure pain meds would be okay. More late night tv, more hustle and bustle, suddenly hustle and bustle is coming from one of my nurses, I hear her complain that someone moved the blood she had drawn. My first thought is that it is my blood, my second thought is, why did she take so long to get it to the lab? A few minutes later she comes in and takes more blood. I ask why and she claims the doctor wanted more tests to be run. I’m not an idiot, she draws the same tubes as she did the first time. It WAS my blood she lost. My BP is dropping, I’m dehydrated. She is going to get me an IV bag.

Doctor comes in, good news! There is an ultrasound tech on-call. He’ll be here soon. Ultrasound tech is very college cute, named Omar. Curly brown hair, olive toned skin. Greek? Maybe. Ultrasound takes FOREVER. Doctor comes in, asks Omar what he sees (I saw blurs of gray and black, good thing I didn’t go into radiology) Omar says everything looks good, doctor says my blood work is good, I am not pregnant (Not good, for me. Though he said it as though I should be happy. Why do people assume that NOT being pregnant is a GOOD thing for me? I’m 24, not 17! I’m married! I tell everyone that I WANT to be pregnant. I don’t get it.) IV fluids get started right after Omar leaves.

Doctor says I must have TWEAKED my shoulder, or slept on it funny which means “I don’t know why you are in pain.” Doctor is going to give me a shot of something. Asks if I’e ever had a bad reaction to codeine. I say no. He says good and leaves. I assume I’m getting a shot of codeine. Nurse comes in with Toradol. (Essentially liquid motrin.) I know it won’t help. I don’t bother telling the nurse that. 20 minutes later Toradol still hasn’t helped at all. BP cuff and pulse ox are off, IV is ripped out and EKG wires are detached. Robby is helping me get dressed, checking out my bruises and helping me pull the sticky EKG leads off of my body. I have a bottle of Codeine (finally) and a serious cheeseburger craving. (screw weight watchers right now) It is 2 in the morning and I am only grateful that I didn’t have to pay for any of that.

I didn’t go into work today, besides the lack of sleep and the pain, I’m taking the codeine. While it helps, it also makes me a little loopy. I have to work tomorrow, and I think I will go in. It’s only a 5 hour shift, I think I can handle that. I just want to know why I am in pain and I want it to go away. 


On a lighter note, Chelsea Lately with Cloris Leachman was HILARIOUS. It’s just a 7 minute video, I highly recommend you watch it!



Thanks to Tana, I’m in love with dlisted.com. HERE is a post about The Real Housewives of New Jersey.


So I will cover one topic of what I said I would, Maya giving birth to Jacob.

Due to potential complications or issues, Maya was scheduled to be induced. I drove down for 2 and half days, almost 3. We woke up early the morning after I arrived and piled her, Johnnie, her mom, Sadie and Hailee and myself into 3 cars. When we arrived at the hospital we find out there isn’t a waiting room on the labor and delivery floor, Maya’s mom and I wait downstairs with the girls while Johnnie and Maya head upstairs. A few hours later Johnnie’s sister arrives and helps watch the girls so that I could be in the delivery room with Maya. I won’t go into detail about everything, but in the end it was the most amazing experience. Johnnie and I were on either side of Maya, holding her legs while she pushed. She did this with almost no epidural. I was so proud of her, it was so incredible! I started crying as soon as he was born. Then I started taking pictures. Maya was transferred into the mother baby unit about 2 hours later, I went to go get food. She was able to leave 24 hours after Jacob’s first feeding, and I left shortly after. I am so grateful and touched that Maya asked me to be there. (I would have been there for Sadie’s birth but that’s a whole different story that involved a trip to the ER for ME.) Yes, even after seeing everything up close not only do I STILL want to have babies, but I want them even more!

Right after Jacob was born.

Johnnie and Jacob


Maya looks exhausted

Sadie and I were exhausted, too.

Me holding Jacob (this picture was taken on Maya’s Blackberry)

Jacob on his way home.

Jacob Davidson Avery


I’m pretty exhausted right now from the codeine. I don’t care for taking it, but motrin and tylenol don’t help. The codeine helps a bit, but I think I’ll be taking it sparingly.

I will probably be getting a new phone tomorrow. The one I have now is falling apart. The buttons are falling off and cracked, it randomly turns off and at one point it was submerged in Sprite (don’t ask) so I think it is time for a new phone. I can’t decide between the Blackberry Pearl or the LG Xenon. The Blackberry is a bit faster with the web but the Xenon has a full keyboard and a touch screen. They are the same price, but to add internet to the Blackberry it is $20 and for the Xenon it is $10. (So yes I will have internet on my phone and will actually Twitter. Candice, I’m working on a good name now!) I have 30 days to test drive the phone I pick, if I want to change it out for the other I can, and then I can even go back to the original phone, as long as it is within the 30 day period. I might just do that. 



The Blackberry Pearl in red


The LG Xenon in red – closed
lg-xenon-att-blue-keyboard-straightThe LG Xenon in blue – open (I couldn’t find a picture of it open in red)


What do you think? I want to talk to someone who owns the Xenon to see if they like it. 




May 23, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. lookingglasslife replied:

    dood, what a crazy, annoying night for you!
    i hate hospitals, even though i work for one, haha
    cool phone!
    i’m so excited you’re getting a twitter!
    here’s mine when you sign up: twitter.com/writeheraletter
    i talked goza into getting one too ;]
    i miss you, my love.
    i can’t wait for you to have a baby.
    you’re gonna be one of those cute pregnant ladies who is hella skinny and just have a little bump. damn you. haha

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